Impulse Zero v1 (beta) - Put an End to Impulsive Purchases! | Product Hunt Embed

How many times did you buy something and never used it twice or even once a year?

Happened to you! Right!

Well No More!

Impulse Zero is a chrome extension which will ask you questions before you make your next purchase.

Questions which will try to defuse the impulsive thoughts and stop you from buying unwanted, unnecessary, out of budget products or services.

Features coming soon


Tell us if Impulse Zero does not work on any website.


Tell us if you don’t want Impulse Zero to work on any website.


1. Add the extension in Seconds

2. Visit any E-commerce website

3. We will  ask you a question when you try to buy one more drone again!


” Internet needs this. This is the ‘Indistractable’ extension to the ‘Hooked’ model of consumerism. “

Save your money this Black Friday!

Say No to Impulsive Purchases and unwanted debts